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Hillary is a lesbian

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It emerged in when she was running for the Senate.

Women in power are always accused of being "man-haters" and "ball-breakers" and of course, "bitches. Yes, I think Gloria Steinem was out of line for shaming younger women who support Sanders.

You can read more about the history of the faux-smear—which ties in with the right-wing-lunatic conspiracy theory that Abedin is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood—in Gawker here.

This particular conspiracy theory did not burble up from the dredges of the right-wing internet. The sun by the naked and famous. I'm voting for Hillary, you aren't going to change my mind so please move on to actual undecided voters instead of browbeating me or insisting I allow you to have your say. Hillary is a lesbian. On May 23 she announced on Twitter that she was engaged to her longtime girlfriend, Jen Wilson. It came from the halls of Congress. The thinly-veiled lesbian smear of Clinton has followed her for decades, and many have long lumped Abedin in with their conspiracy theories about Clinton's sexual orientation.

Through a series of foreign wars and domestic surveillance programs, the U. Eric Fanning sworn in as first openly gay Army Secretary. You know what I mean.

I was amused to run across this post yesterday ' All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done -- in one big list. The next two months will tell the tale. Sims 3 get naked mod. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world, has been repeatedly rumored to be a lesbian. Riese has written articles for us. Despite not having any experience in politics, though, I think we can all agree that Robin Roberts would make a much better president than Michelle Bachmann.

Trump remains the Republican frontrunner in the election. And Clinton and Abedin have navigated these tumultuous years despite their respective marriages to Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner, two male politicians who repeatedly cheated on their wives. So who are these women? Just me deleting your comment and moving on with my life. Morrow, interestingly, hates Trump. Hillary Rodham Clinton follows in the footsteps of women who protested, and fought, and lived and worked and raised the consciousness of this country through child-rearing, through saying no to child-rearing, through friendships, through sacrifice, through tears, through blood coming out of their wherevers.

There are dozens of books about the Clintons, including but not limited to: Co-host Whoopi Goldberg dismissed the comment. Did you hear the one about how Abby Wambach hit a goal in the face with a soccer ball?

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Just like in my dreams; photos, paintings, and portraits of Hillary Clinton line the walls around the room. Naked lesbains sex. Hillary Clinton is a murderer and a lesbian and she buys her muumuus on Amazon. One thing is for sure: Tweets about metroweekly OR "metro weekly" -davidteamq.

I know from my own time working on campaigns that things can be hectic, but running against Donald Trump! Whatever one thinks of her political positions, she should be lauded, rather than denigrated, for her personal style.

Because conservatives still think being a lesbian is the worst thing a woman can be. Trump remains the Republican frontrunner in the election. Eric Fanning sworn in as first openly gay Army Secretary.

Woman Cards accepted here. Slate logo Sign In Sign Up. Marco Rubio Did you hear the one about how Marco Rubio hit a kid in the face with a football in Iowa? Noting that a decade ago when Clinton "hid Abedin in plain sight" the "lesbian rumors got so bad that year that Hillary addressed them personally. It seems that your browser does not have Javascript enabled. And Trump has already called Hillary as many names as have come to mind and he has a history of attacking women, including lesbians.

Unless Klein wired his sources and his sources were Bill and Hillary Clinton, none of this is likely to be even kind of true. Among them were a photo Weiner took that showed his crotch and was taken while his young son slept nearby. Tumblr lesbian masterbation. Hillary is a lesbian. As you may have read today on Slate. She gets that endorsement for a reason, you know, she gets it for a reason.

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Women in power are always accused of being "man-haters" and "ball-breakers" and of course, "bitches. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg dismissed the comment. Mike Huckabee Mike Huckabee is just like you and me: Ted Cruz R-TX for president, is now supporting Donald Trump, who she applauds for "coming out against same-sex marriage" which is, she asserted, "gutsy" for a New Yorker, the gay capital of the U. Sometimes it means showing less skin.

So I come here before you with respect, understanding, and humility. Black lesbian porn scissor. If you give me guff about this, I'm going to make a donation to Hillary. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world, has been repeatedly rumored to be a lesbian. This page requires javascript. I think I had a polo like this once.

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Butner and Allred said some women who have spoken out have been attacked in what they called "victim shaming. Stay connected with Women in the World! Hundreds or thousands joined chat rooms with links to Dropbox and Google drives filled with videos and images of female Marines, both nude and clothed, as well as Marine wives, ex-wives, girlfriends, and ex-girlfriends.

But, she said, there have been more reported incidents, likely a result of an emphasis on training and awareness.

We will not share your email with anyone for any reason. Like Torres, Flores said the online nude photo scandal emboldened her to speak up. He said the group often posts materials similar to the nude photos of Marines United, and that the threatening comments posted as comments were disturbing to him.

Her grandfathers served in the Army and Navy, but she said her family respected the Marines for their toughness and high standards. In the more than five months since, the larger issues of preventing and prosecuting revenge porn have preoccupied all branches of the U. If you see someone and know they are a fucking snitch, let an admin know. It is hard to trace where the Marine Corp's online culture of illicit photo-sharing began.