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Is mulan a lesbian in once upon a time

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Is mulan a lesbian in once upon a time

Here are some reactions: Like us on Facebook. Sexy girls of tumblr. Hypable needs your support in one of two ways: Henry writes story pages showing that Dorothy was successfully revived, and that Snow is with Neal in Storybrooke. Rick Riordan talks with us about the shocking moment found within the pages of The Trials of Apollo Book 3.

At the Emerald Palace, Dorothy confronts Zelena, who pricks her with a sleeping curse. Mulan comes to the rescue with friends in tow.

But they took 2 characters, one Red that is barely on and one Dorothy that we have only seen a few times and paired them up. Is mulan a lesbian in once upon a time. Would you like to view this in our French edition? Zelena reveals that she put Dorothy under a sleeping curse, and that it can't be broken as Dorothy has no loved ones to provide a "true love's kiss. Should we as the queer media be giving our time and promotional space to works of media that participate in this kind of poor behavior? But I'll give them kudos for how they handled tonight's reveal of Ruby and Dorothy's feelings and subsequent kiss.

Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? Hopefully, the first on-screen lesbian kiss of the series is only the beginning for the series.

This is not representation at all. The show's producers have said including a same sex couple in a program popular with kids is "important.

Such a pleasant surprise. Also, did you catch the way Mulan and Belle were looking at each other? The LGBT question has been going on with OUaT for several seasons and they kept putting it off and putting it off, and finally they said they were going to do it and then this is what we get.

His body is left behind. Nigerian girls lesbian. Would you like to view this in our US edition? Yes, my dear friends, I speak of queerbaiting. But Ruby discovers Dorothy has fled. I think there is a way to handle these problems, but not how they've been handling them. Throw in a kiss to prove it. The Overboard remake gave us a genderbent version with Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez in a role originally played by Goldie Hawn. Would you like to view this in our UK edition? Please, make sure your favorite shows get tested early and often.

The music swelled, the curse was broken, people rejoiced, and it made my heart go gooey inside. Who cares about Dorothy?

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Posted April 18, If they introduce a character, though, it's more likely to be "Shang Li".

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Edward Zachary Sunrose wrote: LIke panromantic asexual, bi-romantic heterosexual Just because Mulan has chemistry with Phillip doesn't mean she's bisexual. EW's interview with the showrunners has earned more than comments so far, many of them from disappointed fans, although they are not all disappointed for the same reasons. Old flat tits. OUaT needs more diversity. I don't remember any others gay characters in Once Upon a Time!

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Season two airing September 30, opens with what appears to be the traditional awakening scene of Sleeping Beauty. You already have an account registered under. Is mulan a lesbian in once upon a time. How To Get Away with Murder. The writers could easily have her fall in love with Shang in a backstory, but then she loses him.

And they are both equally valid intrerpetations of the character. On the other, Shang is one of the sexiest Disney guys, and if he and Mulan don't end up together, there's no reason for him to be featured which makes me so sad Zelena goes to Hades' lair, where he pours Em into the River of Lost Souls, and explains that he has done this only because Dorothy is Zelena's enemy. Jaklin farnandis nude photo. He declares the Storybrooke visitors anathema, and that anyone who works with them would be under penalty of the same punishment.

Mulan responds to this super emotionally. Favorite Gay TV Couples. The homophobes hated it because it was a same sex kiss, the neutrals hated it because it offered nothing to the general plot and the LGBT viewers hated it because it was a poor attempt at going "Oh, look at us!

Fun as it was to mercilessly tear this show apart, the buck stops here. Sign In Don't have an account? The series has officially been picked up by NBC! So I still stick to Utter's "no involvment" policy idea, except for directly adapted characters.

Didn't she love Phillip? Dorothy confirms that she trusts Ruby, so Ruby takes on her wolf form and carries Dorothy to safety. Now, I definitely see her love for Aurora in later scenes. Mulan gets all protective.

So I think she's been able to develop a really deep relationship with both characters and I think ultimately her heart was with Aurora.

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I think Mulan liked both. Malese jow naked. Why do everyone think Mulan was ever in love with Phillip? Ruby and Snow arrive in Oz to discover Mulan and the Munchkins standing vigil over the sleeping Dorothy. Is mulan a lesbian in once upon a time. Nude beach sex vedio Here are some reactions: That should pay you back for ignoring your existence for five years, right? But I still hope Mulan gets her happy ending. It is an original take on Mulan.

On one hand, I love that Once went in such a progressive way with one of the characters. For you what Aurora would said? Favorite Gay TV Couples.

Bonus points to the writers for throwing us off track with Phillip's first line:

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